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What is CAP-X?

There are different schools of thought when it comes to evaluating investment real estate.  Some people just want to know if it is "cash flow positive."  Some people are looking at the CAP rate, and some more-savvy investors might want to know something called the CAP-X rate.  

Do you have a Pension?

Do you have a company pension?  I don't.  

That's why, several years ago, I started buying investment real estate. My goal is to own $2,000,000 worth of investment real estate by the time I retire. 

The logic is simple. If you can buy early, and often enough, you should be able to own, free and clear, $2m worth of real estate by retirement age. 

Not Seeing MLS® Listings in your email inbox?

If you're seeing this blog post, it's likely that you have signed up for an MLS® search account, but are not yet seeing any listings delivered to your inbox. 

There are a few different reasons this may be happening.

Investing Basics: What is Cap Rate?

Cap Rate is used in Commercial and Investment Real Estate to determine the return on investment (ROI) of a given property or portfolio, and can be extremely useful when comparing different investment properties. 

Basically speaking, the Cap Rate is expressed as a percentage, and is determined by subtracting the difference between GROSS OPERATING INCOME and OPERATING EXPENSES to arrive at the NET OPERATING INCOME of a given investment. 

December 2018 Woodstock Ontario Real Estate Market Statistics

Status quo for Woodstock in December 2018...

In the month of December, the Woodstock real estate market experienced no real changes to the status quo. The number of properties sold in December was 38, which was down just one home from the same time last year, while the active inventory ticked upwards from 85 last December to 89, a gain of 4.7%. The average sale price in Woodstock was a lofty $378,087 this December, which was up 15.6% from last December's average sale price of $327,046.The Median sale price also showed 13.2% gain over December last year, at $373,500.

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